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Our Features

Readymade Skill Test Library

  • Predefined tests will minimize the amount of time required to make the test
  • Multi- Subject test that can be customized by using the readymade skill subjects
  • Basic tests created for every industry from Engineering to Healthcare
  • Validate your candidate for basic skill test before you interview them

Job Description based Tests

  • We help you design your test according to the job description for the vacant position
  • It helps you assess the candidate in both technical as well as aptitude knowledge
  • It saves the time and resource of HR as the candidate is assessed in all areas.
  • Saves the time of candidate as he doesn’t have to wait for different rounds of tests

Online Test assessment

  • It minimizes the manual intervention in the recruitment process.
  • The test taking process is very user friendly and the real time results can be generated
  • You can generate real time reports and can evaluate the candidate as soon as the test ends
  • Candidate can appear for the test from any part of the country

Test Taking Steps

Our Pre-defined Tests

My Global Score offers a large selection of subjects from many industries that can be combined into customized tests that fit your corporate needs. Our library also offers many pre- defined tests which can be used to test candidates from easy level to hard level of question. We include predefined test for Soft Skills such as Logical Thinking, English Language and Basic Math to technical domains such as Engineering, Healthcare and Commerce courses.

Register With Us

For having full access to our solution you need to register with us. If you are an employer you can create a job post according to your requirement and if you are an employee/ candidate you may apply for the same once you have registered with us.

Schedule The Test

Once you have signed up, you may login into your personal account. The test library contains the list of subjects that we have with us. You may select the test and schedule to take the test according to your convenience. Once you have passed through the payment gateway you can take the test at the scheduled time.

Take The Test

After scheduling the test and passing through the final payment of the test, the system will generate a unique link to the test which will be sent over to you via mail. The test will be made active only at the scheduled time of yours. You may then take the test by clicking on the test link and entering the Username and Password given to you.

Share The Result

Once you have taken the test, we will share your result with employers who have vacancy requiring skills relevant to yours.

Get Yourself Placed

Once the result is shared with the employer and the employer finds you appropriate, the employer will contact you for further process and you have a great probability to get placed

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